Using Razoo

This is a guide to the information you will enter when you donate online.  We are using RAZOO, a crowdfunding service, to process donations.
If you view our site on RAZOO, you will see information about the Staff Picks Fundraiser and a list of the donations that have been made. For each donation, the amount, the donor name and any donor comments are displayed (unless you suppress that information as described below).
Box 1: Choose a Donation Amount
  • Check Box “Donate Monthly.” Choose if you want your donation to be a recurring monthly donation.
  • Check Box “Hide donation amount from the public.” This option will list your name as a donor but the amount of your donation will not be shown on the donations list.
  • Click a suggested donation amount or “custom amount.”  Note that the information (e.g. ” $25 – Could add 2-3 Young Adult Paperbacks”) associated with each amount is only an example.
  • If you choose a “Custom Amount,” please note that the minimum donation is $5.  There is no maximum!
Box 2: Want to Leave a Comment?
  • Enter a comment, if you wish.
  • Check Box “Only show my comment to the organizer of this fundraiser.” If you leave this blank, your comment will appear in the donation list.
Box 3: What’s Your Address
  • Enter the billing address of the credit card or PayPal account you are going to use for the donation.
Box 4: Complete Your Donation
  • Choose payment method: credit card or PayPal
  • Enter your name, the credit card number, the expiration date and the CVV
  • Enter your email address.
  • Check Box  Optional “Cover platform fees so this fundraiser receives my full donation” The total amount paid will be increased by the processing fees (that is, credit card and site use). Click the “i” for details.
  • Check Box Optional “Hide my name from the public” The donor name will be listed as anonymous if you check this.
  • Click the blue button that displays the amount you are donating to complete the process.
You will receive a confirming email from Razoo (
View the fundraiser page anytime to peruse the status of the project and see the list of donations and donors.
Rather donate by mail or in person?
  • Make your check payable to BLFF (note “Staff Picks” in the memo line)
  • Mail it to 1204 11th St. SW, Bandon, OR 97411.
  • You can also leave your check at the library circulation desk.
  • Have questions? Call us at 541.347.3221.
  • We’ll enter you donation manually to the donation list on the crowdfunding site. If you want anonymity, please note that and we’ll list your name as “anonymous”