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Library Staff: Jennifer (front), Suz, Joan (middle), Chris, Sara (back) [not pictured: Amy, Cody]

OUR GOAL:  To expand Bandon Library’s adult and young adult collections for fiscal year 2017-18 by raising at least $10,000.00.


Our project goal is raising $10,000 to fund acquisitions for this year-long project.  If we raise more than our goal, then we will extend the project beyond August 2018 until funds are all used for staff picks materials.

The Bandon Library Friends and Foundation (BLFF) has partnered with the library staff in a new project focused solely on adults and young adults. The Staff Picks Project will add 30-35 new items every month, selected by library staff, for a year. 

View the library materials acquired each
month with your Staff Picks donations:

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The Staff Picks Project will let us go beyond the basics. We want to avoid becoming stagnant, predictable and boring.  Bandon Library patrons have come to expect their library to be bubbling with exciting, contemporary and innovative – some would say eclectic and quirky – collections.  It’s all about the energy; there is nothing like the vibrancy of new books to attract and enrich.  Keeping the library diverse and exciting is a worthy challenge. The collection would include diverse media: books, books on CD and DVDs. Every month when you come to the library, you can enjoy a display of Staff Picks Project’s new acquisitions.

Library staff is diverse in education, culture and skills and, combined, have decades of reading and recommending experience.  A brief interview of the staff turned up some acquisition ideas.

  • Amy – acquire more novelized biographies now made famous by authors like Knausgaard
  • Chris – acquire all things Oregon
  • Cody – add more “magical realism, graphic novels and young adult fiction
  • Jennifer – focus on newer sci-fi and mystery collections
  • Joan – expand our poetry and classics section
  • Sara – add more women in the world books, new women’s fiction authors, historical fiction and spiritual encouragement coverage
  • Suz – purchase books (and CDS) on current events, creative arts and gardening plus Indie, documentary and foreign language DVDS 

The community of Bandon has always generously supported the library, making it the beating heart of the community.  In turn, the staff of the Bandon Library aims to give back to its patrons and develop a collection that exceeds the needs and expectations of everyone who comes through the doors.   

BLFF has worked hard to provide funds to keep the Bandon Library’s collection current and relevant. The current Friends financial support of the adult book budget is, and must be, focused on patron requests, best sellers and if anything is left over, collection development. As the costs of keeping the library open rise,  funds for the adult book budget shrink.   When we raise beyond our goal, we will continue the program beyond August 2018 until the funds are depleted.

We look forward to your every click on the Donate button! 

Your gift will make a difference!  For instance, for every $50 you donate, we could add 4 to 6 young adult paperbacks, or 5 DVD documentaries, or 3 to 4 audio books on CD, or 3 to 4 adult fiction or nonfiction books.



For more information about our crowdfunding site and using the donate button, click here.

Rather donate by mail or in person?  Make your check payable to BLFF (note “Staff Picks” in the memo line) and mail it to 1204 11th St. SW, Bandon, OR 97411. You can also leave your check at the library circulation desk.  Have questions? Call us at 541.347.3221.