Computer Classes

BLFF supports the computer literacy training offered by the Bandon Public Library with volunteer teaching staff from CyberLynx.  Classes and labs are held at the Bandon Library. REGISTER for classes online or at the library.

Click here to access the schedule of classes and labs and more information about classes.  Or see below for a calendar view of the current class schedule.


Classes include both beginning and intermediate level computer classes.  Topics include using a computer, using a browser, browsing the web, using the Library’s public access computers, using internet email, Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Drive and apps (Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms)and various other special topics.  They are 2 hours long.  In the library, CyberLynx is providing a mobile classroom of 6 laptops students can use.  Students can also bring their own wireless enabled laptops.


Labs are two hour blocks.  You can use the libary’s public access computers, your own laptop, or CyberLynx’s laptops (which have Windows 10, internet access and the full Microsoft Office 2007/2010 suite available).  A lab instructor will be present to help you find and complete tutorials in subjects of your choosing, to learn about features of the software products supported, or to complete projects you may wish to do like writing a resume, creating a brochure or making a flyer.

Apple and Windows Labs are two hour blocks that focus on the use, navigation and apps for Apple and Windows devices and operating systems.


You can find the detailed descriptions of the classes offered as well as a schedule of classes and labs, published quarterly, on the CyberLynx web site.